Knee Aspiration & Injection Trainer with Ultrasound Capabilities

Product No. 70103

An anatomically accurate adult knee model for injection and aspiration of synovial fluid from the knee joint, from both the lateral and medial aspects, using ultrasound-guidance or palpation.

The robust sealed knee includes knee joint, patella, patellar tendon and the suprapatellar space.

Key anatomical landmarks are clearly visible and easy to detect under ultrasound, enabling injection and aspiration to be practiced, and accuracy improved.

Performing knee aspirations and injections are fundamental skills required for Undergraduate Medical Education, Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, and Rheumatology*


Skills Gained:

  • Injection into joint cavity
  • Aspiration of synovial fluid from both the lateral and medial aspects
  • Competence using ultrasound technology to perform systematic scanning techniques and examination of the knee joint 
  • Identification of anatomical landmarks using ultrasonic guidance or the palpation method
  • Patient positioning and management
  • Recognition of joint effusion
  • Ballottement

Product Anatomy:

The following key anatomical landmarks are clearly visible under ultrasound:

  • Skin
  • Subcutaneous fat, quadriceps tendon & patellar ligament
  • Prefemoral fat pad
  • Suprapatellar fat pad
  • Hoffa (Infrapatellar) fat pad
  • Femur
  • Medial & lateral collateral ligament
  • Tibia
  • Patella
  • Joint space & synovial recess
  • Meniscus 
  • Muscle mass of quadriceps 


Product Qualities:

  • Discrete muscle and skin layers provide realistic tissue and needle response
  • Anatomically accurate synovial sac and palpable patella
  • Realistic color and consistency of synovial fluid
  • 1,000+ stabs per module with 21 gauge needle
  • Precise, palpable anatomy with bony landmarks
  • Robust, sealed knee unit that holds all anatomy
  • Key internal landmarks visible under ultrasound
  • Compatible with all standard ultrasound machines
  • Echolucent material allows aspiration and injection under ultrasound-guidance or using the palpation method
  • Suitable for Undergraduate and Postgraduate medical study
  • Knee skin is watertight
  • Skin washable using mild soap and water
  • Can be used with leg supports for supine position, or without leg supports for side of bed position
  • Caters for ultrasound-guided techniques as well as palpation
  • Separate Fluid Bag & Stand ensure the model is easy to use and mobile
  • Clear indicator on Fluid Bag to prevent overfilling 
  • Latex free

Leg Supports

Product No. 70110

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